CoreObjX 5.0

With CoreObjX you write less code to integrate with the QuickBooks API
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CoreObjX is an ActiveX DLL that implements the standard business objects and rules supported by QuickBooks and exposed through the qbXml API. It enables developers to implement real-time links to the QuickBooks database quickly and reliably without needing to learn the intricacies of the qbXml API. Through sound object modeling, extensive run-time validation, and adherence to ActiveX standards, CoreObjX provides a development tool that is easy to use, consistent, and very reliable.
- A simplified read/write programmatic interface to the QuickBooks database.
- Create transactions and list items in only a few lines of code.
- Includes an archive of source code examples in various languages.
- Support for QuickBooks Online Edition.
- Support for international tax codes, multi-currency, unit of measure, and billing rates.

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